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  • Complying with cGMP norms.
  • Manufacturing of HDPE Bottles is undertaken under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
  • The manufacturing area is a clean room facility. HEPA filters have been installed to provide air free of microbes and non-viable particles.
  • Auto loading and mixing system for resin and colorant. Plant is equipped with auto deflashing extrusion blow molding machines.
  • We also ensure minimal human interface with the inputs and finished product during manufacturing.
  • Land area: 10,000 sq mts (50% Covered Area)

Design and Engineering

To ensure that your packaging needs are transformed into products that are efficiently manufactured and can reach the market safely, our design and engineering teams work closely together.
Our capabilities include extrusion blow molds, injection blow molds and injection molds as well as repair and maintenance of all sorts of molds.


  • Quality - IPI - In Process Inspection
    – Bursting Strength
    – Scuff Tester
    – Cobb Tester
    – Oven
    – Weighing Balance
  • Delivery
    – GPN – Goods Produced Note
    – COA – Certificate of Analysis
    – DC Cum Invoice
    – Gate Pass
Quality - IPI - In Process Inspection