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We have a high range of stock moulds, to meet a variety of needs. We work for you - whichever choice you make. Our effort is always to fulfill our customer with our range, technology, service and quality.

Wide Product Spectrum

  • Bottle sizes: from 1 oz to 1 gallon (for tablets/capsules & dry syrup)
  • Availability of Stock Moulds for standardized requirements
  • Shorter delivery schedules
  • Adequate ready stock availability

Industry Segments for Packaging

  • Drums - 30 ltrs to 120 ltrs Bulk Packing purpose
  • Pharmaceutical - for Regulated Markets
  • We have an extensive range of generic moulds starting from 1oz to 1 gallon for Solid Oral Dosage Form (tablets and capsules) as well as for dry syrup.

More details about any of our products with complete description, size, shape, measurement, neck description and colour can be requested at any time by filling in the Online enquiry form.

Bulk packaging solutions from Pravesha meet the varied and demanding needs of a wide rage of pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers.

Our full open top containers are made of 100% Virgin High Molecular Weight, High Density Polyethylene (HM, HDPE) for unmatched toughness and lightness. The two-layer construction with an ultra white inner layer, meets the highest hygienic standards.

Open top containers are single piece constructions, without butt welds or joints. On account of this they possess superior strength to withstand the impact of drops. In addition, these drums offer better stackability, leak proofing and ease of handling.

Pravesha has long standing experience in executing work contracts and complicated jobs on turn-key basis.
Our HDPE containers are virtually unbreakable, light in weight and able to withstand rough
Containers are available in single and double layer, clamped or threaded in dimensions ranging from 30 ltr to 120 ltr.