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Here you will find information on how to send us your printing jobs

1. By courier via CD/ DVD
  • Please copy all the image/ graphic links, Fonts, etc.
  • Enclose one final Color Proof in actual size
  • Specify all the Prepress and Post Press operations clearly marked.
  • Also, include digital data for Punching and Spot UV, etc. if any.

Courier the media to us at:-
Pravesha Industries Pvt. Ltd.,
Factory: Unit - II
Survey No: 84, Plot No: 29 & 30
ANRICH Industrial Estate,
Bollaram Village, Jinnaram Mandal,
Medak Dist, 502 325 A.P. India.
Phone: +91 - 40 - 6550 3969,
Tel/ Fax: 91 - 8458 - 279644

2. As email attachment (data less than 5-10 MB)
You can also send us digital data as an e-mail attachment by the following softwares.

PS files

File names with spaces and special characters and without proper extension to the file name may cause improper file transfer and may lose their identity when attached to e-mails.

If you need any further information, you may contact us further for assistance in sending your data.
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